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What does Million, Billion and Trillion mean? Complete information

In this post, you will know what the million, billion and trillion means. If you also use social media, then you must have seen that the number is often counted in Million Billion and Trillion. For example, YouTube has more than 100 million subscribers to the T-Series channel.

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If we talk about Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, then his wealth is more than 100 billion. Whereas the trillion would have been a very large unit which is used to represent the GDP of many countries.

Because in our country, thousands, lakhs, crores and billions are often used to represent numbers. In such a situation, we get confused by looking at the Million Billion and Trillion behind the number and the reason for this confusion is the separation of the unit at home and abroad.  
Million Billion and Trillion, also known as 
MB and Ra respectively in short, are international units used mainly in the English language. If you too are confused about them, then today's article will prove to be helpful for you.

What does Million mean?

If you must have seen 1M in the social media site, then for your information, 1 million means 10 million, while it becomes 10 million when it becomes 1 million. Just like Carrie Minati has more than 20 Million subscribers on social media site YouTube, it is equal to 2 crores.

Let us now give you some examples, which will tell you how much is a million.

• 1 Million = 10 Lakhs 
• 5Million = 50 Lakhs 
• 10 Million = 1 Crore 
• 50 Million = 5 Crore 
• 100 Million = 10 Chels

What does billion mean?

The second largest unit after billion is billion which means 1 billion. There are many videos in YouTube whose views have crossed 1 billion, so you will see 1B or more written below these videos. In addition, it is often used to indicate one's property.

For example, the wealth of Mukesh Ambani, the richest person of our country, is 78 Billion dollars, then it becomes equal to 78 billion dollars. So how much is 1 billion? Below are some examples that will make it easier for you to understand. 

 • 1 Billion 1 Billion (100 Crore) 
• 5 Billion = 5 Billion (500 Crore) 
• 10 Billion = 10 Billion (1000 Crore) 
• 50 Billion = 50 Billion (5000 Crore) 
• 100 Billion = 100 Billion (10000 Crore)

What does trillion mean?

1 trillion means 10 trillion. You may have seen very little use of a trillion unit because it is so large that a person's wealth or views of a video have not reached trillions yet. However, if we look at the total wealth of some countries, it is used to indicate the economy (GDP) of a country. For example, India's GDP is 2.8 Trillion Dollar, so it is equal to 20.8 Trillion Dollar. Below are some examples related to how much is 1 Trillion. 

• 1 Trillion = 10 Trillion 
• 5 Trillion = 50 Trillion 
• 10 Trillion = 100 Trillion 
• 50 Trillion = 500 Trillion 
• 100 Trillion = 1000 Trillion


So now you know what it means to be trillion, if you put it in simple terms, there are 1 million in 1 million, 1 billion in 1 billion (100 crore) and 10 trillion in 1 trillion. If you also see a foreign English unit somewhere, now you can easily convert it into an Indian number unit. So hope this post is helpful for you.

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