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How to earn money from Google?

Hello guy's welcome to insidetricks.com. Let us know today How to earn money from google? So let's start now -

You would consider Google to be just a search engine, where you can search for anything. But Google is also providing many services. Youtube, PlayStore, google drive, blogger, Adsense, android, etc. One special thing in this is that we can also earn money from Google. Many people can earn more than 100 to 200 dollars from Google every day. That is, if it is said in rupees, then you are earning 7 to 15 thousand rupees daily. You can guess how much will be earned in a month.


You can also earn more than one lakh online every month. It is possible to earn thousands of rupees every day from Online Internet and Google.

These 4 questions of people searching for the best ways to earn money from online google are definitely there.

  • How to earn money from Youtube?

  • How to make money from Adsense?

  • How to make money from Blogger?

The funny thing is that Google provides all these four methods. If you want to know about these four methods, then you are definitely ready to earn money through Google, and today we will talk about how to make money through Google.

If you are interested in earning money online then read this article of ours today. There are many ways to earn money online. In this, the most popular way to earn money from Google i.e. Adsense - blogger. You can earn quite well from this sitting at home. You can also earn money from mobile, you can also earn money from a computer/laptop. The special thing is that you do not have to spend money on all this. Now let's see how to make money from Google and blog. Here are the short steps -

How to earn money from Google short steps -

 1. Create your Gmail account

 2. Create a free blog on Blogger

 3. Write an article on your blog and publish 

 4. Make your YouTube channel

 5. Upload video to your YouTube channel

 6. Create your Adsense account

 7. Connect your Adsense account with your blog and YouTube channel.

 8. Your earning will start as soon as you add an Adsense account with your youtube channel or blog.

In this way, you can make a blog or YouTube channel by following some simple steps. Blog and Youtube videos can be connected to Adsense. As soon as Adsense is connected, advertisements will start appearing in your blog and YouTube videos, and whenever someone clicks on that advertisement, you will earn and you can earn money from Google. Now you must have got a simple idea of how to earn money through Google. Let us give you some information about blogs and youtube.

Earn through google blogger -

Blogger.com is Google's free website where you can create your free blog. You can write an article on any topic on your blog. You can see our blog, our blog name is Insidetricks.com where we write articles about the internet.

Just like that, you have to make a blog of your own and write an article on any one topic on your blog, and publish it. When many people will start coming to read your blog article, that is, if more than 500 people start reading your blog every day, then you should apply for an Adsense account.

When your Adsense account is approved, then you can earn by placing an Adsense advertisement on your blog.

The readers coming to your blog will see Adsense advertisement in addition to the article you wrote, and if someone clicks on the advertisement, then you will earn.

What are the things needed to earn money from Google Blogger?

 1. Gmail account

 2. Google blog will have to be made

 3. Articles should be written in Hindi or English.

 4. Daily 2-3 hours 

 5. Computer or mobile phone for you can write an article on your blog

 6. Internet connection 

 7. With Insidetricks.com

You will need all these things, if you want to earn online, then obviously you will need the internet connection.

How to create your Google blog?

You can create your own blog in a few minutes, for which you do not need to spend a single rupee. Make your free blog by reading the article given below.

After creating a blog, you write and publish an article on your blog, and after publishing the article, share it on your Facebook, WhatsApp. When you feel that more people have started coming to read your blog, then you should apply for Adsense. You can also read the article below for reference.

So, friends, you must have now understood how to earn money through Google blog and what is its process. Now, let's give you some information about Adsense.

What is Adsense and how to make money from AdSense?

Adsense is also a service of Google itself. She does online advertising. You must have seen many advertisements on TV, likewise, Adsense website, blog site works in youtube advertising.

Adsense takes advertisements from advertisers and advertisers through blogs, websites, and youtube. That is, Adsense advertises with its customers and gives it on our blog and when someone clicks on that advertisement, then it earns us.

Earn money through Youtube

You must know about youtube. This is also the service of Google. You may have also seen many videos on YouTube. So in this, you must have noticed a special thing that before the YouTube video play or before the advertisement appears. Friends, this is Adsense's own advertisement. Now you must be wondering how to earn from Google through Youtube? Let's know-how.

 1. First of all, you have to create an account on youtube.

 2. After creating an account on Youtube, create a youtube channel.

 3. Upload the video to your youtube channel.

 4. Connect your Youtube channel with Adsense.

 5. When your youtube channel gets connected with Adsense, then Adsense ad will start appearing on your youtube video.

 6. And whenever someone clicks on the ad, you will earn.

To earn money through YouTube, you have to follow the above steps, for more information read the article below.

If you have read our entire article, then you are definitely ready to earn money through online google, then what is the matter to make your blog or youtube channel soon and get used to it.


Today's article How to make money from Google? How did you like, tell us through a comment and if you want to ask us something, you can ask. thanks

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