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How to delete Google's search history in 2 minutes

welcome to insidetricks.com. In this article, you will learn how to delete Google's search history? Let's start now-

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If you use a smartphone or PC, then you must have a Gmail ID because without it a lot of work is not done without the internet. Such as subscribing to channels on YouTube or installing an app from the Play Store. You cannot do this without Gmail ID. Whenever you search any question in Google, Google keeps saving the history of your questions with the help of this Gmail ID. And through this, Google shows you advertisements, in a way Google keeps an eye on all your online activities.


As we all know that Google is the world's largest search engine in which millions of questions are searched every day. Google uses the search activity of the user to improve its user experience. Which gives you better results in searching questions. Likewise, you may have seen on YouTube, when searching for a video, you are shown videos of the same category. Even though Google keeps your Search History on its server, but it also gives you the option to clear your activity.

How to delete Google's search history

For your information, tell us that Google keeps all the activity from your Gmail login to the present time. Like what did you search, which website did you visit, etc? If you use Gmail ID in your mobile browser, then it is very easy for you to delete Search History. For this follow the steps given below.

 1. First of all search by typing myactivity.google.com in your mobile browser.

 2. After this, the first option in the result you will get only from Google, you have to click on it.


 3. If you have not logged in Gmail ID in your browser before, then you have to enter your Gmail ID and password here. 

 4. After this, the activity history homepage will open in front of you, where you can see your search history.


 5. When you click on the Delete button, you will see four options which are the following. 
  • Last Hour - This will clear all the history from your present to the last hour. 
  • Last Day - With this option, you will be able to delete the last day query. 
  • Always - If you want to clear the entire search till the time of creating your Gmail ID, then you have to click on this option. 
  • Custom Range - In this, you can select two dates between which you have to delete the history.
Here you can clear your browsing history by selecting any one option in four. In this, you will see the names of different Google products in which your history is saved, after checking them, next, after which you will get the option to delete.


It has often been seen that most users try to delete all their search queries. Because it is of no use to them, in such a situation, it is better to select the option of Always because it clears all your previous searches.


If you want Google not to save any of your search from now on, then you can come to the activity homepage and click on Web and App Activity, Location, History and Youtube History. This will not save your Google History and YouTube search with the mobile location as well.


So now you must know how to delete Google's search history if you want Google to start saving your search history again, then you have to come back to myactivity.google.com homepage. And you have to turn ON Web, Location, and Youtube History from Pause. With this, your search will be saved again and you will get a better experience on Google. So, hope this information will be helpful for you. Thanks you

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