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Top ten Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

When I talk about blogging, one thing always keeps in my mind that how can I overcome the curiosity of people and how people like and like my blog? This is what every blogger wants, just that his blog becomes a super-duper hit.

In the world of blogging, not only passion is needed, but dedication is also needed, if you want to create a new blog because of your passion, then it is a good thing, but if you do not have the dedication to your blog then it is not good for your blog health

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Top ten Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Quality content

You may have seen these tips earlier on other blogs, but have you ever thought about what is this quality content?

For example - Suppose you went to buy clothes in one shop but you did not like any clothes, then you went to another shop where you did not like any clothes. Finally, you went to the third shop and after seeing a lot of good clothes, you liked the cloth very much. Now you have a question for yourself that if you want to buy clothes in the future, which shop will you go to? Your answer would be "in the third store".

We can think of blogging as a shop and a visitor to your blog can be considered as a customer. If your customer did not like your shop, would that customer come back to your shop? Absolutely not!

What is the reason for this? The reason for this is that there is no quality product in your shop, which means your blog does not have quality content.

How to know whether the article we have written is quality content or not?

Whenever you write an article, it should be such that people read it from the beginning to the end. If the first paragraph of your article is not strong then why would people read your second paragraph?

Suppose you are writing an article on blogger tips, then your first paragraph should be related to it. This is to say that the summary of your entire article should be in your first paragraph. Sometimes it happens that the first paragraph is strong but the paragraph after it becomes weak.

I would like to give a real-life example - 

every human has a favorite movie which he can watch again and again because he likes that film from beginning to end and it is called a quality movie. If you too want to make your blog a super-duper hit, then start writing quality content.

Social Sharing

There is always a problem for a new blogger that his blog receives very less traffic or visitors. Anyway, it takes time for a new blog to be indexed on the search engine and become popular among people.

So whenever you publish a new post, do not forget to share it on your social network. This will bring social referral visitors to your blog and will also increase your fan following. This is a kind of publicity stunt, with the help of which you publicize your blog on social media.

This is the best option for a newbie blogger so that he can increase his daily visitor count. So make a page on every social media like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and whenever you publish a new post, share it on your social network.

Stay Motivated

Motivation and inspiration are required to complete every task successfully. Even if it is not the work of blogging. Every successful blogger earns knowledge to stay motivated towards his blog. He increases his knowledge by visiting another website.

It is not so important to you that the article you have written has become full and final, talented and experienced people are already present in the blogging world.

When I created my first blog, I was very motivated and inspired, but gradually the motivation and inspiration got lost. I started comparing my blog with other websites, due to which I used to get inspiration, but the motivation that was in me was reduced because a wrong number had come into my mind that I could not write better than them.

This wrong number went right when the first comment in My blog was that "Nice blog keep it up".

This first comment on my blog again recharge and inspire me. Then I came to the right track.

This first comment on my blog again recharges and inspires me. Then I came to the right track.

In the end, I learned that motivation and motivation are very important for a blogger.

Focus on the topic of your blog

The name of your blog tells about your blog, like our blog name is insidetricks.com. Which clearly states that our blog is related to blogging guide, make money and tips and tricks, etc. How would I feel if I applied to post off my topic tomorrow?

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This is to say that the blog you have created is like a book, in which information about the same subject is found. You will find many such blogs on the internet whose names will be different and those posts will do something different.

Never make such a mistake, always concentrate on the topic of your blog.

Keep your blog updated

Always publish new posts on your blog and if possible, publish 1 post daily. This will mean that your blog will always be updated and visitors coming to your blog will also become your regular visitors and your followers.

Suppose you create a new blog and after publishing 2-4 posts, you publish a post again after a long gape. Meaning you updated your blog after a long time.

If you have to compete in the race, then you will have to run till the end, and blogging is also a competition where we keep trying to overtake other blogs, if your blog is not updated then you will be in the race of blogging.

Here I would like to share my real experience. In 2008, I created a blog in which I published posts for 3 consecutive months, there must have been about 60+ posts. But due to my studies, I stopped updating my blog, 1 year passed when I opened my blog in 2009 and saw that my blog has 5000+ page views daily.

Never quit

When you have started your blog, then you will have some future goal in your mind, like - to earn a lot of money through your blog, as much as the heart of the people is, to become popular, etc. So set your mind to achieve this goal.

Many bloggers create their own blog but after a few months they give up because they do not want to learn anything new and they have written in their posts the knowledge they had in mind.

Knowledge is like an ocean, it never ends. The more you learn, the more you will be able to write. So before starting blogging, make a promise to yourself that never leave blogging.

See, there is a problem in the beginning to do any work, but only after facing the problem, you get the result.

Set your goal

Every blogger wants his blog to become successful, become famous. This desire is in everyone's heart. But to succeed, a goal is needed.

You first set a goal for your blog. When you start your blog, make a goal to publish 30 posts in 1 month. When that goal is met, make another goal that more than 30 posts will be published next month.

Gradually increase your goal. As you continue to achieve your small goals, you will become closer to success.

Setting goals is a must for every newbie blogger. You will not be able to motivate yourself without a goal.

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Some bloggers keep setting their own goals that success is enough. But they do not know that this is the ultimate goal that many small goals have to be achieved to achieve, they get entangled in this and leave blogging to demotivate.

Check to spell

Whenever you write a post, do read it once before publishing it. By this, you will know that if you have forgotten any spelling mistake or writing a sentence.

This will also help you in improving your quality of writing and will also improve your writing skill.

Work smart and don't work hard

It is very easy to succeed in blogging but it can also be impossible if we do not bloggy smartly.

This is what I told you above 1-8 tips. By following these smart blogging methods, you can achieve success in smartly blogging.

✦ Quality Content 
✦ Stay Motivate 
✦ Share Social 
✦ Keep your blog updated 
✦ Focus on your blog topic 
✦ Never quit 
✦ Set your goal 
✦ Check the spelling 
✦ Smart Blogging

Last Word...

So, our today's article, how did you like the top 9 blogging tips for new bloggers? Do let us know through a comment. If you want to ask us something, you can comment, we will answer all your questions.

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