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How to download Instagram Reels videos without watermark

Let us know today how to download Instagram Reels videos without watermark, as you will also know that after the ban of the Chinese app Tiktok in India, Instagram has added a short video feature like Tik Tok in its platform. Which is known as reels. Instagram is a popular social media app owned by Facebook. Big celebrities from all over the world use Instagram and have a million followers. In such a situation, users also follow their favorite celebrities on Instagram for their photos and their activity.

How to download Instagram reels video's

By the way, Instagram has all the features that all small and big users need, but in this, you can not officially save videos of Instagram reels in your mobile gallery. You do not get to see its feature in this app. But if you use the other third party's website for this, then you can easily download any reels video without any watermark. So in today's post, we are going to tell you the easiest way to do this.

How to download Instagram Reels videos

many times we like some videos which we try to download in our mobile gallery but are not able to do it due to lack of information. There is currently no official feature in Instagram Reels so that you can save videos to your gallery. But 

If you follow the steps given below, you can save any video of Reels in your gallery:

1. First of all open the Instagram Reels App on your mobile and play the video you want to download. 

2. Below the video you will see three dots, you have to click on them.

How to download Instagram reels video's

3. Clicking on the three-dot brings some options, you have to click on the Copy link, this will copy the link of the video. 

4. After this you have to open any browser on your mobile and search the w3toys.com website and open it there.


5. On the homepage of the W3toyes.com website, you will see an empty box on which you have to paste the link of the video copied from the reels, then click on the download button. 

6. The video will appear in front of you and the download button will be found below it.  

On clicking download, the video will be saved in your mobile gallery, in which you will not see any watermark, in this way you can save any video of reels very easily. Also, you can share that video on other sites and apps.


So now you will know how to download Instagram Reels videos, you do not need to do much, after copying the link of the videos, paste it in the browser on the website mentioned above. This brings the download button on which your video is saved in your mobile gallery as soon as you click. So hope that this information will prove useful to you. ‼️ THANKS ‼️

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